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We at SURABHI have worked with a large number of customers for last more than 20 years. With the experience ranging from commercial, Residential and other projects.


The art of engineering lies in its forms and mesmerizing structures. Pre-engineered building is the result of one such innovational art. The pre-engineered metal building system is an artistic creation built over a constructive idea that connects primary member’s secondary member’s roof and wall sheeting to each other.

The structural system includes rigid frames that are fashioned from plate steel and cold formed into an “I” shape through a constructing process to meet up or match up with the desired locations as per the requisites.

PEB is incomparable in its swiftness & asset to fit into the specific needs. It is also regarded as fire proof and as an equipment that is quite easy to install within minimum time span and money. The fundamental concept of PEB involves steel building systems which are pre planned, designed and fabricated which ultimately increases its demand in economical constructions. PEB is a metal building that consists of light gauge metal standing seam roof panels on steel purlins spanning between rigid frames with light gauge metal wall cladding. PEB are also light in weight hence eases out the trouble of installation and re-installation which in return makes it advantageous over conventional steel buildings which has high strength per unit mass.

PEB has also gained its reputation for durability in utmost weather conditions such as earthquakes, rains etc. They proved to be easy to set up, expand according to the changing requisites, modify as well as transport to different locations far and near. It also saves time and money as no welding or fabrication is required. PEB is indisputably the latest as well as a unique technique thought over CSB.

Surabhi Pre Engineered Building Conventional Steel Building
Design Quick & efficient, Light weight, Cost effective Heavy weight, High practice, Slower
Architecture Outstanding architectural design for contractors as well as clients with hassle free data Special architectural features & design require research, so it is higher in cost
Foundation Light weight, hassle free design, easy to erect. Heavy weight, special design, hard to erect.
Erection PEB concept saves upto 30% cost than CSB CSB concept upto 30% more expensive than PEB
Future expansion Its very easy to expand or change the PEB design in future at very low cost Its very difficult & expensive
Responsibility Single responsibility for design, supply, erection etc Multiple responsibility from start to end for project work
maintenance Very low maintenance as much as to zero Heavy maintenance
Practice Applicable for Commercial, Industrial & Infrastructure sector Preferred in heavy industries
Time of work Very less time to complete the project More time to complete the project
Quality & wastage All work is factory controlled environment leading to uniform quality & minimum wages All the time, there are quality issues, maintenance & high wastage
Work limitations No need of any machinery work at project site like welding, cutting, bending etc All the machinery work done at project site so its inconvenient for us & client also

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The world is designed implementing various engineering skills. Big or small, it is those little bricks or steels that builds up massive buildings. Latest technologies have also established its roots in these fields and consequently are in great demand.


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